Spring, Winter, Spring

By Chappy Jack

April 30, 2019

Location: Damascus, Va.

Mile: 470.8

Please read: Job 38:1-41

Job 38:22 “Have you entered the storehouses of snow or seen the storehouses of the hail,”

The AT (God’s creation) continues to amaze me! All in one day, I can go from green lush foliage in the lower elevations to wintry conditions in the higher elevations.

This past week has been marked by passing the 400 mile marker and entering Virginia. It has also been marked by wet wintry conditions before crossing over Roan Mountain forcing me to flee to a hostel to dry out of my wet and freezing clothing.

However, the next day was a gloriously beautiful day crossing over Roan Mountain. I enjoyed 360-degree views from 3 different balds.

Two days later, I was again bombarded with wet wintry conditions including thunder and hale. Once again I fled to a hostel to dry out and warm up.

Once again, the weather turned beautiful as I approached Damascus, Va.

I have been tempted to complain and moan, but my small group of friends, including my son D.J. (he joined me for a few days on the trail), has adopted Blueberry’s slogan, “Embrace the suck.”

In the scripture reading, even though Job’s trials and tribulations were far, far greater than the AT, I think God was telling Job that He was and is the Creator of all, and that he is in control of all. He controls our sunny days and he controls our wet soggy days.

Lord Jesus, I praise you for what you have created. Your creation is totally awesome! You are an awesome God! I thank you that I have the opportunity to experience your creation in such a unique way.

The AT is often called the Green Tunnel.

My son D.J. and I taking a break. Yes, I was tired!
Laurel Creek Falls
Sudden turn in the weather

Thanks to the Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church for this unique ministry!

D.J. and me the day after wintry mix including snow, rain, hail, and thunder.

Trail magic from 2014 thru hikers. They do this every year as a reunion.

Leaving Tennessee and crossing into Virginia

Arriving at Damascus, Virginia, a well-known trail town.
Damascus United Methodist Church

Limestone Cove UMC near Irwin, Tennessee

5 Replies to “Spring, Winter, Spring”

  1. Thanks again and love the beautiful and telling pictures.. So glad your son could join you for a few days…

  2. You will love White top and Mt Roger’s. Was just up there yesterday and flowers are in full bloom!

  3. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing the beauty of God’s creation. I am so happy that DJ was able to join you for a few days. God is good ALL the time!

  4. Hiking the AT is not unlike the “Footprints in the Sand” journey. For by embracing the suck, he often carries you through it! I first had that revelation climbing Shuckstack at the beginning of the Smokies in the pouring rain! Hike well, embrace the suck!

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