Chai Tea Latte

Location: Opelika, Alabama

Miles Walked: 0

Proverbs 11:25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Most Appalachian Trail (AT) Northbound (NoBo) thru hikers can receive a shakedown (help with ridding packs of unnecessary items and weight) thirty miles into their hike at Mountain Crossing Outfitters. I had the opportunity to meet with the 2016 Appalachian Trail Chaplain “Wildcat” Bert Emmerson and the 2017 AT Chaplain “Trigger” Matt Hall at the Little River Trading Company in Maryville, Tennessee for my shakedown.

(l-r): 2017 AT Chaplain “Trigger” Matt Hall, 2013 AT Chaplain “Shortstop” David Smith, AT Circuit Hiker “Dr. Mary” Mary Palmer, 2019 AT Chaplain “Chappy Jack” Jack Layfield, 2016 AT Chaplain “Wildcat” Bert Emmerson

I learned that during Wildcat’s thru-hike that he kept a supply of Chai Tea Latte to refresh other hikers. Not only did this bring refreshment, it helped to build relationships with other hikers.
An expectation of the AT is that it will be more difficult than can be imagined. Weariness and extreme fatigue sets in and can end the dream of successfully completing the Georgia to Maine 2,192 mile thru hike.

Serving others with a Chai Tea Latte sounds so simple. However, in times of great fatigue, it sounds like, and I am sure is a great sacrifice. Proverbs 11:25 tells us that in refreshing others,  we will be refreshed.

My prayer: Lord Jesus, Help me to take my mind off of myself and set my mind on serving others.