Tribute to ‘Stronghold’

By Chappy Jack

May 19, 2019


Location: Catawba, Virginia

Mile: 704

Psalm 31:1 In You, Lord, I have taken refuge.

This past week has brought much sadness, mourning, fear, and despair to the AT hiking community with the murder of “Stronghold.”

I did not personally have the chance to meet “Stronghold,” however all of us in the hiker community have a strangely close bond whether we have met, or not.

We have all become more cautious of people outside of the hiker community as we meet them on the trail, and as we visit trail towns and communitys. We tell ourselves that this was a very isolated event. And yes, this was a very isolated event, but we still have our fears.

I personally know of one hiker who left the trail in tears, and I am sure there are more that have left.

I wonder about the trail name “Stronghold” since stronghold is mentioned many times in the Bible mostly in relation to spiritual warfare. It is my hope that “Stronghold” used this term because of his relationship to his Heavenly Father.

Lord Jesus, with all my fears, I take refuge in You! You God, are my refuge and my stronghold!

Some of my favorite trail photos as a tribute to “Stronghold.”

“Stronghold”, Rest in Heavenly Peace!

Chappy Jack

3 Replies to “Tribute to ‘Stronghold’”

  1. Thank you for this. My Son Garrett and his wife Kalie are on the trail. We are all broken hearted. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you continue your journey.

  2. There was a lovely article about Stronghold in the Virginian Pilot today. My heart and prayers are with all those who knew him and the AT Hiking community. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

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