He knows me

By Chappy Jack

April 20, 2019

Mile: 368.5

Location: Greasy Creek Hostel, near Road Mountain, Tennessee

John 10:14 “I (Jesus) am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

After a long day of hiking, it is a big relief to reach the intended shelter or camping spot. It is refreshing to reach that spot and hear one or two hikers to call out “Hey Chappy.” It feels good to be known and to welcome.

Most hikers by now have a trail name. I named myself, and some hikers do the same to make sure they don’t receive a name they don’t like. Some of my hiker friends have names such as Doc, Mom (a man), Heartbreaker, Pegleg, Sandman, and Fireweed.

More refreshing, welcoming, and good to know is that God knows me! He knows my real name and he knows my hiker name. He knows everything about me. He knows my failures, my weaknesses, my strengths, and I think He probably celebrates my victories in life.

As fellow hikers call out my name, I think He probably calls my name a lot! I don’t think I’m always listening!

Lord Jesus, help me to listen. Help me to hear your voice and and to know your presence.

The AT continues to baffle me. I go from seeing beautiful flowers and spring-like weather to rain and wintry conditions.
Green forest floor

Arriving at a shelter late in the afternoon after walking most of the day in the pouring rain
Wintry conditions from a distance
Wintry conditions a little closer

On top of a bald with ice and winds gusting at 40 mph

Last year’s AT Chaplain, Blueberry, encouraged me to “embrace the suck”! It has become my motto.

7 Replies to “He knows me”

  1. Hopefully the winter suck will pass. It so true and comforting to remember that He knows our name. Thanks for the reminder. Prayers for the for the hike.

  2. You have always “embraced the suck” Jack! You got this and knowing you
    Are finding the bright spots and focusing on those verses the not so good ones
    We are proud of you here at Lakeview and talk about your adventures
    We can all only dream of living our dream like you have. You are a true inspiration cuz
    Keepnon truckin! ♥️ Shaun Dahle

  3. I look forward to your posts and enjoy the pictures. Thank you for representing Holston Conference on the AT. Safe travels.

  4. Chappy ,. I am soooooo excited to hear of your journey and you truly Amaze me at your faith and adventurous sise .,. Thank you for all the times you have motivated me during work , mud runs and just life in general . I continue to be in awwwwe of your courage and strength !!!! Love ya !!! (Roll Tide !)

  5. Glad you are making it. Good wishes for a safe adventure to the end.

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