Day #94-All I needed was a peek; Miles hiked: 20.0

I woke up to that familiar pitter patter on the shelter roof this morning. I’m writing from a dry tent under a currently not-leaking sky.

My feet are in pretty rough shape, so the boys and I decided it would be good to go back to the valley where it’s of course not raining. After twenty pretty painful miles, we made it to Glasgow, VA. There isn’t much here besides a dinosaur statue, a Dollar General, and a town-sponsored trail shelter. However, that’s all we need!

However, exciting news!Though it was brief, I saw the sun today!!! On the way down to town, we got a little clearing that made a world of difference in spirits.The best metaphor we could come up with is that last 30 minutes of a long haul international flight when you’ve been crammed in the middle seat and miserable for 14 hours and then you open the shade and see the Sydney Opera House below. Everything still hurts, but there really is a sun up there!

Once in town, it was time for a DG resupply and all you can eat pasta for $5.50. That’s a deal I can get onboard with any day! Back to the trail with an 80-100% chance of rain for the next several days. Please pray for my disintegrating feet. Goodnight!