Day #95-Feet don’t fail me now; Miles hiked: 0.0

I put on my shoes this morning with the intention of hiking. I made it as far as the local gas station to get a hitch before I knew my feet wouldn’t take another step.

Instead of venturing back up the mountain, I called up the local hostel and declared it a zero day.

A shower and trip to the Dollar Store for junk food later, I knew it was a good choice. The sun even came out for an hour or two so I could dry out my stuff!

As with most zero days, all I did was eat and watch Netflix, but sometimes that’s what you need to do!

By the afternoon, a dozen more hikers had rolled in ready to wait out one last round of bad weather tomorrow. One of them, Frogger is becoming a fast friend. She’s 17 and doing the AT with her dad in between high school semesters. I vividly remember what the year of college apps is like and enjoyed giving her essay (about the AT, of course!) a look. A large pizza for 6.95 was a perfect end to the day! The rain is going to come down hard again tomorrow, but I’m hiking on.