Day #93-Rain and religion; Miles hiked: 22.4

Guess what? It rained all day again! The weather shows no sign of stopping…at least the fire danger is pretty dang low.

Regardless, ministry continued today. I actually had one of the more serious conversations of my hike with my new trail crew today. Spork and co are all recent college graduates, two of whom don’t have a faith background and two of whom walked away from faith in college. When they asked me what I had going on my headphones (and I replied worship music), we had a 5 mile conversation about life and faith. They want to keep talking, so please join me in praying that these conversations do indeed continue and are fruitful.

After a very spiritually/emotionally intense morning, I had the gift of hiking with three other hikers I just met in the afternoon. On the complete other end of the spectrum, they are all believers (two of whom are hiking the trail before moving to Southeast Asia in the spring). It was an incredibly nourishing time for all of us to process the trail from the shared lens of faith.

When it stops raining, I promise I’ll get to take/post some more pictures, but goodnight for now from almost halfway through Virginia!