Day #76-Eyes on the prize; Miles hiked: 18.9

As to always does after a rough few miles, today did get better! This morning we climbed White Cap Mtn and got our first real view of Mt. Katahdin!I am also the closest to running out of food that I’ve ever been which is a bit frightening at this juncture. However, he hiking community takes care of one another and my friends showered me in ramen noodles and tuna to bridge the gap. I’ve fed many a friend running out of food before, so it was nice to take my turn eating from the hiker pantry.

I didn’t take many pictures the rest of the day, but it was uneventful other than getting caught in yet anther thunderstorm downpour right before camp. Can we call it a tradition yet?

With a river as wide as the Nile running underneath my tarp, I bid thee goodnight.