Day #77-Manna from heaven (or honeybuns from Alan); Miles hiked: 21.1

I was scheduled to receive a food drop from a dear friend of ATOM this morning. Sure enough, I rolled down to Jo-Mary road with nothing but a snack bar left and there he was!

Thanks to Stephen Dean, I received a food resupply and 14 other hikers got some much-needed and completely unexpected trail magic.Pastor Stephen also offered me and a few other hikers Holy Communion-an incredibly special treat for all involved. I never would have guessed that the first time I receive the Lord’s Supper on my thru hike would be in the 100 mile wilderness. However, upon reflection-of course this is exactly where the Lord would bless me in that way!

As for the rest of the day, we got a much closer view of Katahdin and hiked in a conga line of 8 hikers leaving Pastor Stephen’s truck. We decided to play dance music on someone’s phone and did the Macarena down the trail for almost 5 miles. Oh how hikers entertain each other…Tonight we found a great campsite on a beach where I am able to see the Milky Way in all its grandeur.