Day #75-Chairback and further mountains; Miles hiked: 16.8

With the heat and humidity continuing, we stopped well short of our goal again today. But hey, it happens sometimes…

We spent the better part of the day traversing the 4.5 peaks of Chairback Mountain with endless steep ups and downs.After taking way more breaks than we needed to avoid having to walk, we finally passed the 2100 mile marker. These are the faces of weary NOBOs ready to be done with the trail:Even though spirits were relatively low today, I was able to learn a lot more about these two chicks. Both are around my age and all three of us are in the phase of life where we are contemplating what’s next for us.

After the last of the Chairbacks, it was down to another river ford and back up the mountain to a shelter.We got caught in a crazy downpour the last 10 minutes before getting to camp which was plenty to soak us and all of our stuff. What a perfect end to a rough day…tomorrow will be better!