Day #44-The hiking family is real; Miles hiked: 18.6

Today the sun finally came out! However, Vermud still lives up to its name and my feet were still just as wet.

Today I caught up with quite a few of my hiking friends. For anyone that thinks that hiking the AT is about a solo journey through the wilderness, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just this morning, I found Half Slow in his camper again, sat down, and started quite a congregation in the parking lot.Notice we could definitely use some more chicks out here–ladies, apply for the 2019 chaplaincy!

Later in the morning, I got to stop by Little Rock Pond and take a quick dip in the crystal clear water. Lunch was spent with yet another group of hikers at White Rocks Junction where rumor has it that forest gnomes have built all of these cairns (piles of rocks).My feed did finally stage a blister rebellion today after 7 days in wet socks, but I’m hoping drying them out and some more sunshine will help them recover. More adventures to come!Ps-passed the Rutland Airport, an interesting sight for sure.