Day #43-Storm dodging and hiker hangouts; Miles hiked: 14.8

Today, the weather forecast was calling for severe thunderstorms and hail. I do not really want to walk in that kind of weather, so some of my hiker buddies and I made a plan to miss out.

But first, foreshadowing for my after-trail employment. I’ve gotten a job as a ski instructor for the winter at a mountain in Utah, but I spent this morning climbing over Bromley Mtn in Vermont!After Bromley, it was time to start cranking miles to get ahead of the hail. Check out this thunder cell building while I ate lunch: The severe weather did show up and I just made it into a shelter before it got really bad. I put down my bag and took a nap while a dozen other hikers rolled in who had gotten caught in the weather.

After the first storm, I set off with and got to learn about my new friend Crush. We passed over Baker Peak before it started rumbling again.Even though I was under my mileage goal for the day, I decided to duck into a shelter just in time to avoid the second storm. It kept going all night long, but all is well.