Day #45-Up and over the top of Vermont; Miles hiked: 16.7

Today was my last full day on the Long Trail before the AT makes a break for Nee Hampshire. I’m also passing a SOBO bubble which has been pretty fun; there’s something really special about passing people out doing the same thing in the opposite direction. I’m taking names so I can remember if I ever end up with them again on the flop section of my flip flop.

As for my NOBO friends, today was a big day as we are all within 500 miles of Katahdin now. For me, this means 1,524 miles to go, but for them it means real life is incredibly close to starting again. Please pray as there is plenty of anxiety for many about going back and having to face all of the things we get to leave behind on the trail. I also climbed over Vermont’s biggest peak and a popular ski area, Killington Peak.For the evening, I stayed at a famous hostel in Rutland, VT. It’s run by the Twelve Tribes spiritual community, a Christian spin-off that believes in living in total community with one another. Their hostel, the Yellow Deli, has been taking in hikers for years. While the organization is considered by many to be a cult, I sure did enjoy getting to meet their members and learn about their way of life.

Ps-anyone know what plant this is?