Day #42-A zero can fix anything; Miles hiked 0.0

Man, there was a reason the Lord created the world and then took a day off…He knew we would need to rest! Today was a great day to do just that while it continued to pour down rain.

After sleeping in and eating a lion share of Lucky Charms, I played the piano for awhile at the hostel and mainly just laid around in my PJs (courtesy of Jeff and Duffie!).

I did eventually work up the energy to venture into town where I was able to replace my shoes and the food bag that the mice destroyed the other night (that bear box was not mouse proof). I also spent quite awhile wandering through the local bookstore while it rained and rained.This afternoon, the rest of my hiking crew rolled into town and many of them ended up at Green Mountain House with me. Instead of going out to pay resort prices for food, I decided to use my time to cook for the whole hostel. Ten hikers and I feasted on a double portion of my mom’s spaghetti casserole!If I’m being honest, I would like to stay here another day, but I suppose I’ll have to move on as Jeff has a full house tomorrow. There is an 80% chance of rain-bring it on!