Day #41-Are we there yet?; Miles hiked: 21.1

Today was another wet one. I believe that it rained for 20 of my 21 miles. However, the soggy walk was well worth the reward!

I pulled out of the shelter at 6:20 this morning and headed up Stratton Mtn. With the whipping wind, I chose not to climb the tower, but this is where Benton McKaye envisioned the AT. If it was a day like today, he must have envisioned thruhiking.There was too much rain to pull my phone out for pictures the rest of the day, but I walked for 8 more hours, fell in some mud, ate some snacks, and rode in the back of a pickup truck in pouring rain down to Manchester Center.

Once in town, it was time to revisit my very favorite hostel on the AT: Green Mountain House. This place is just amazing, and inspires me to maybe open my own hostel one day. The best part is Duffie, the guy helping the owner Jeff run the place, has been in contact with the chaplaincy program since Wildcat hiked in 2015. He was watching my tracks (via Facebook) get closer and closer to Manchester until I surprised him by showing up at his door! To Alan, Wildcat, and others-Duffie says hi and to keep sending chaplains his way!

Goes to show how much of a legacy this ministry has been creating up and down the AT-I sure am glad to be part of it!