Day #11-A day full of shenanigans for lack of a better title; Miles hiked: 21.3

Despite the storms of last night, today has been a very pleasant day weather-wise. Instead of via liquid, the misadventure began with a not only bear proof, but also Minta proof bear hang I did last night. I wish I had a picture, but getting my food down this morning took 4 people (thank goodness I’ve made friends-thanks J Beebs, Tripod, and Highlander!), some sitting on shoulders and eventually propping a branch against the tree to shimmy up. Nonetheless, my honey buns were rescued eventually!

The next shenanigan of the day involved a beaver dam that broke and flooded the whole trail for about 1/4 a mile with bog water-yuck! thankfully brought some sunshine and the chance to dry out my gear-hikers frequently lay out all their earthly possessions on sunny days for this purpose.Altogether the walking wasn’t too bad today, but I should remind you that we are in Rocksylvania, rattlesnake USA. I haven’t seen one yet but have passed several southbound hikers warning of rattlers they’ve seen up the trail. Please pray for careful steps and early warning should I disrupt one. Oh, we crossed I-81 yet again today! Halfway through PA!