Day #10-Chocolate milk and rainy summits; Miles hiked: 21.5

Today our zero day came to an end and it was time to get back on the trail. The first several miles of the day were a road walk…seems that I’m going well under the Appalachian Trail speed limit.We met Tripod’s dad at Clark’s Ferry and he joined us for a climb back up into the mountains.The end of our day was full of excitement between meeting Half Slow, a Vietnamese gentleman thru hiking the trail (he even gave us chocolate milk from his camper van!) and getting absolutely poured on by a thunderstorm that hit just 15 minutes before we got to camp.

Check out this view from Table Rock before the storm. The following picture is actually from the morning after day #10, but Dale Berry if you’re reading this you’ll be pleased to know that I was able to efficiently switch from A-frame tarp setup to a very roomy but secure cave at 2:12 am as the storms rolled in. Thanks for the lesson a few weeks ago! Friends it takes a village to make a thru hike.