Day #12-Walking the rocky road; Miles hiked: 19.2

If I had a dollar for every rock that I stepped on today, I would no longer need to take out loans for medical school next year.

Pennsylvania is legendary for being “Rocksylvania,” and until today I thought everyone was just whining about a few pebbles. My battered feet and legs tell me otherwise.

Nevertheless there are upsides to every day on the AT. Check out this shelter! It’s close enough to the road that you can even get pizza delivered!Today I also passed mile 1200 for my NOBO friends. The lingo for flip floppers like me is now BOBO, or “both bound.”Paul teaches in Philippians 2 not to complain about anything, but here’s what hikers look like at mile 17 on rocks. Thankfully, we did arrive at our shelter for the night where I’ve met a really interesting guy named Gnome. He is finishing a hike he started in 2015 that was cut short because of norovirus-a personal fear of mine as well.