Day #138-Crossing mountains and out for blood; Miles hiked: 21.2

Even though it rained again today, we got a wonderful sunrise from beneath the clouds.The rest of the day was relatively uneventful as we journeyed further south into the Georgia hills. I enjoyed the chance to bounce among small groups of hikers and hear what their thoughts are on finishing the trail.

By afternoon, we made it to an AT icon: Mountain Crossings. This outfitter and hostel at Neel Gap marks the only time the trail crosses under a roof. Mountain Crossings is also a very popular place for northbound thru hikers to end their hikes, as it’s the first major road they cross (right after the first big climb). There is a tree full of shoes of from hikers who have called it quits here.I chose not to hang my pair and instead journeyed up Blood Mtn.

The stone cabin on top was a wonderful place to eat dinner, but became less wonderful as the night went on. We had hung rain flys and tarps over the windows, but a windy 4 am storm brought all of our barricades down and a leaky roof allowed the water to pour in. I’m going to miss the AT, but not nights like that!

Ps-Rachel brought us more trail magic today, and we are very grateful!