Day #137-Georgia isn’t flat; Miles hiked: 19.1

This morning, our new friend Rachel was so very kind to bring us back to the trail (she even recruited a friend so we could do it in one trip!). Having Holston people around to help sure does help make a thru hike a little easier. Thanks for the ride!With the sun shining, we set off to go further up and further in to the Georgia hills. Let me tell you, there are quite a few of them!

I counted seven 500-1000 ft climbs today, which wore my poor tired legs out quite thoroughly. There is plenty of fear mongering about “hard parts” of the AT, but no one mentioned GA.

Nonetheless, I did make it as the final batch of rain of my thru hike (which will last 3 days) stares rolling in.With the rain came a beautiful rainbow that we saw from Blue Mtn shelter.

Springer, here I come!