Day#38-Welcome to Vermont and UMC connections; Miles hiked:6.9

Today was a very exciting day! First of all, I got to sleep in and then enjoy a big waffle breakfast with Pastor Dan and his family.

Up next was church for the first time since I started my hike. How sweet it was to worship alongside other believers! I also got to share a little about the ministry and the needs of the friends I’m hiking alongside right now.Next it was off to the grocery store for a resupply where I ran into about 7 of my hiking friends. Pastor Dan and I were able to bless them with a big box of fudgesicles and ice cream.When it was time to hike out, Bill from Backpacker magazine joined me so he can get some insight into the ministry for a story he’s going to write about the chaplaincy program.The final excitement of the day was crossing the border and heading into Vermont. Here the AT joins the Long Trail so I’m camping with NOBOs, SOBOs, and Long Trailers every night for the next 100 miles.