Day #39-Splish splashing down the AT river; Miles hiked: 13.1

Today was a wet one! Bill got the full AT experience. I didn’t take many pictures because the heavens were busy dumping over 2 inches of rain, but I can rest assure you it was soggy.

After hiking 11 miles with Bill and grabbing him a hitch into Bennington, the sun broke through the clouds and gave me false hope as I traveled over this raging river:But indeed the hope was false and the rain continued to bucket down. When I reached a shelter 1.5 miles later and realized there was still a spot available, the temptation was too great and I called it a day early. Here’s what it looked like just outside the shelter:And here’s what it looks like inside a shelter when it’s pouring rain…we say a shelter that sleeps 8 in good weather sleeps 15 when it’s raining. However damp I felt, being crammed in with so many other people did provide for some excellent conversation.