Day#15-Wow, two weeks in!; Miles hiked: 17.8

Today marks my two week trailversary and I can safely say I feel so much better than this time last week. My trail legs aren’t fully formed yet but they’re definitely on the way and this way of life is actually starting to feel normal (I couldn’t remember what day it was today and woke up naturally at 5 if that’s a sign). My feet still hurt and I am still humbled by how far I have to go, but I think I’ve gotten past the “what the heck have I gotten myself into” shock wave. I’m sure it will resurface eventually…

Anyhow, I guess I owe everyone some more pictures of rocks:This part of the trail is called the knife’s edge and that’s exactly what it was like to walk across (or rather scramble across). The early start this morning also meant being the first to arrive at not one, but two trail magic setups. Thank you trail angels! Also thanks to my Vietnamese friend Half Slow for the strawberry milk and taste of Da Nang this morning-never would have thought I’d be eating durian on the AT.

This afternoon I also ran into my first wild blueberry bush and just had to indulge. The final excitement of the day came when Mama Shaykevich rescued us and took us to visit the Lady in Green…Frappuccino never tasted so good!