Day #14-Rocks rock; Miles hiked: 16.5

There was more rain predicted today, but somehow we escaped with only a few showers that really just cooled us off. Amazing how fast hiking gear can dry in the sunlight!

Past Port Clinton is where the rocks really kick in and we felt every step, but rocks do lead to rocky outcrops and views–below is the Pulpit and the Pinnacle.This afternoon I was able to spend some more quality time with the hikers I’ve met in the past few days at Eckeville Shelter. People are generally much more apt to chat when it’s not pouring rain, myself included. We’ve settled in for the night at Allentown shelter with the most adventurous dude I’ve ever met-he both teaches high school math and does high-altitude mountaineering…you can choose which you think is more brave, but I’d say it’s a tie.