Day #90-Chinese food coma and friends from Nash; Miles hiked: 7.7

After putting down over 54 miles in 48 hours, today was a well deserved nero day into Waynesboro. Even though it wasn’t predicted, it rained most of last night. I thankfully chose to sleep in the shelter and only watched everyone’s headlamps come on at 1 am to secure rain flys on tents.

Nevertheless, the SOBO army exited Shenandoah National Park and caught a hitch in a pickup from the Blue Ridge Parkway straight to the parking lot of Ming’s.Upon arrival at the dynasty, we all did the place justice by putting away 4 heaping plates each.Up next was showers at the YMCA-a service offered by the Waynesboro Y for over 40 years! A former lifeguard and swim instructor myself, I was proud to be back at my high school employer. There was a group of kids (I’m guessing home school PE) there that had to be shushed by their teacher when they commented on how bad “those people with backpacks stink.”

This afternoon and evening has been a lovely time with a good friend from Vandy. She is in grad school at UVA and whisked me away to Charlottesville where I’ve been able to enjoy the luxuries of a larger town: Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, and Crazy Rich Asians.

Goodnight from a real life apartment!