Day #89-Walk now, eat later; Miles hiked: 26.2

When the SOBO army woke up today, we all left the shelter with sights set on one very special place–Ming’s Chinese Buffet. The catch? We needed to hike another marathon day to be in optimal position for the lunch special on Friday.

Into the sunrise we went!I ran my first marathon in April, and approached this day with a very similar mindset.

At mile 7, we hit Loft Mountain and the last of the Shenandoah waysides (trailside restaurants for motorists driving Skyline Drive). Unfortunately, due to hurricane closures and a broken blender, I’m leaving Shenandoah without a famous black berry milk shake, but the world will keep spinning…These new friends still found a way to smile when the cook offered the ice cream itself as a consolation prize. At mike 13, I got to spend some good time with my friend Trash Panda at this cool overlook-Black Rock.The SOBO bubble continues to roll through Shenandoah as fast as we can as there is plenty more rain on the way. Happy trails!