Dragonfly is on her way!

The last two weeks have been full crunch time.

Resupply boxes got packed. I spent the week at the Holston Conference’s annual conference. After the annual conference, we started the drive to Maine. Allen and I spent a day or so with his uncles just outside of DC, made it to Connecticut the next day, and Maine the day after that.

Saturday night we picked up Kaitlyn and Elly from the airport and Sunday we spent in Brownville Junction with longtime AT chaplaincy partner and friend Stephen Dean. We spent the time doing last minute trail preparations, getting our hang tags and delivering resupply boxes. Monday we left the AirBnB at 4:30 a.m. to get into Baxter when they opened to get the best window of weather to summit.

We got to the gate as the first car, which was great for trying to get to one of the campsites that will be released that morning.

On Monday, June 13, I summited Mt. Katahdin. It was killer, but so worth it.