A Tale of Two Sticks

By Chappy Jack

September 5, 2019

Location: Stratton, Maine

Miles Completed: 2004

Miles to Go: 188

Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to his riches in glory.

Hikers on the AT either use 2 hiking (trekking) poles (sticks), one hiking pole, or none at all. I use two. They are used to prevent falls and to take pressure off of your knees.

Other hikers can hear me as I go down the trail because I pound my sticks into the ground. The result of this pounding is the development of trigger finger on two fingers, and the need for FOUR sets of sticks.

Some hikers say, “the trail always provides.” I agree with Philippians, God meets all my needs.

My first set of sticks broke as my son D.J.was finishing up spending 10 days on the trail with me. He gave his sticks to me. After a while, I broke one of those. The day after it was broken, I found a set in a Hiker box. Businesses along the trail set up boxes in their business that hikers leave for other hikers. I soon wore these sticks out, too. A Hiker friend that was leaving the trail to attend his son’s wedding gave me his sticks because he wanted to buy new ones. As he handed me his two sticks, another hiker friend asked if he could have the remaining good stick that I was about to place in a Hiker box.

In talking of prayer with another hiker, I explained that we do not have a candy store God. However, God does like us to make our request for our needs, and sometimes he surprises us with things beyond our needs. He loves us more than we can understand!

Fall is fast approaching in Maine.
Friends of the Chaplaincy, Chuck and Cindy Martindale, put up with me for three nights. They are now friends for life! What a wonderful couple these two are!!!
Rock scramble under, around, and through Mahoosic Notch. This is considered the most difficult and the most fun mile of the AT. I agree!
A friend on part of Mahoosic. Notice that he carries one stick. His stick is natural wood and not manufactured.
Caretaker of 4 shelters, Tigger (thru hiker 2017), helped me get to town to meet Chuck and Cindy after an injury at Mahoosic Notch. Yes. Thanks to Tigger, Chuck, Cindy, and all of you that are praying for me. I am ok, and ready to complete the last 188 miles.

8 Replies to “A Tale of Two Sticks”

  1. Chappy Jack, I thoroughly enjoyed reading today’s post. I also found how convenient…and necessary…hiking sticks, ha

    1. Thank you for your witness of God’s provision to other hikers. Praying for your successful completion!

  2. Chappy, my husband was hiking and e eeyine had hats but him and he was exhausted and be prayed God I wish I had a hat! He turned a corner and on a branch there was a hat that had an eagle on it( he enjoys eagles) and it said ” born to be wild” it all fits him. Our God is an awesome God. And I I could go on and on with what he has done for us! Tha k you Lord for being the best pappa!

  3. Have enjoyed following your journey and hear info of God’s blessings. Prayers for the 188 miles.

  4. The trail and God do provide, don’t they? Glad you’ve recovered and only have 188 miles left! The Martindales were wonderful trail angels when Bert (Wildcat) was chaplain!

  5. Jack, We love you and are praying! We know God will be very present with you on the last leg of your journey! Betsy and Tom

  6. Jack you have given God the glory during this journey. What a wonderful journey to grow in your relationship with God. We are so proud of you and proud to call you our friend. Love you and War Eagle!!

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