Day #140-It is finished (for now, anyway); Miles hiked: 8.1

This morning I woke up in what I’m going to call an ice cage. Everything that was wet from the rain was frozen solid, including my tent, pack, hiking clothes, and shoes. I had to crawl out from under my tent because the zipper was frozen shut. What a fitting last morning on trail!

Even if my shoes were too frozen to put on, I left camp in socks because nothing could stop me now!

I spent the last 8 miles of my thru hike in conversation with the Lord-what a walk we have been on together!I got to walk the last mile of the trail with a big group of Holston/ATOM folks, my mom, and my brother. It was pure craziness with so many hikers finishing, but I still managed to get pictures with the boys I call my brothers and of course a face plant picture that is a perfect representation of what my body feels like right now.My brother and I enjoyed a quick walk down the stairs at Amicalola Falls State Park where I officially registered my thru hike as complete! They say that less than 20 percent of those who start a thru hike succeed. I owe all of my thanks to the Lord, the chaplaincy crew who has supported me the whole way (as well as countless strangers), and a good dose of laughter on rainy days from my hiking buddies.Thank you also to all of the people (most of whom I’ve never met) who read this blog and pray for me accordingly. I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with you here and hope it inspires you to get outside and minister in the simple things. Look for a more detailed reflection on my trail experience in a week or so if you want more details about what I’ve learned about the Lord and his people on my 2190.9 mile walk.

Ps-I’m considering a thru hike of the 800 mile Arizona Trail in April–it doesn’t rain in the desert! Stay tuned!