Day #118-Parental involvement in the Roan Highlands; Miles hiked: 9.2

I got to have some very special guests on the AT today-not one, but both of my parents! I knew my mom was coming, but my dad was a total surprise.Papa Blueberry and the Warden (David and Tamra) were excellent sports as I drug them onward and upward into the Roan Highlands.The fruit of our labor? Crossing into North Carolina and catching some amazing views on the balds.I truly enjoyed getting to share this way of life with my parents. It’s one thing to tell them about the trail, but another to show them my world and introduce them to the hiking community.

We spent the night in Overmountain Shelter, also known as he big red barn. It has great views and plenty of space in the hay loft. Gearing up for some cold rain come tomorrow-my favorite!