Day #97-Why are we walking again?; Miles hiked: 20.8

The sun came out! The sun came out! The sun came out! I know I sound dramatic on this blog, but I can think of few things more discouraging and uncomfortable than days and days and weeks of rainfall. Virginia is ahead by 10 inches.

With the sun came lifted spirits and my first views since Maine. We spent almost the entire day criss crossing the Blue Ridge Parkway-a famous roadway. When you walk on a hilly, rocky trail within sight of a flat, smooth road it gets a little bit tempting to just grab a hitch. However, all of the hikers (to my knowledge) resisted the urge for today.

One of my favorite parts of these sections of trail is reading signs for tourists explaining what I’m doing.If you look carefully, the trail is about 150 miles longer than it was when this sign was placed now. Bonus points!