Day #70-From the mountains to the valley; Miles hiked: 17.9

I often listen to worship music in the morning while I hike. It has become a very sacred time between me and he Lord to be both moved by both music and nature while I walk. There is a song by Housefires called Mountain to Valley that I particularly like, and today I got to walk from the mountains to the valley!

It was freezing cold this morning in the saddle right before the Bigelows and just as windy as the Whites on top. I had great views of Sugarloaf (ski mountain) that I walked across two days ago and Flagstaff Lake-a huge body of water!Because most of he hikers were either still in Stratton or had pushed on yesterday, I spent most of the day hiking alone. It actually ended up being a good time to reflect on all of the miles that have already come and gone. I passed mile 1000!

Check out this view of Flagstaff Lake when I got down to the shore.Tonight I’m camping with some section hikers who are physicians. It’s always fun to talk about medicine with others who have already walked the path.