Day #68-Sirens of Stratton; Miles hiked: 4.2

When I was in 9th grade English at CAK, we studied Greek mythology and the story of the sirens that caused a ship wreck because of their voices calling sailors in from sea. The town of Stratton did that to me today. I started rolling early with plans to come in, charge my devices, eat a meal, resupply, and leave by noon.

I am writing to you tonight from the Stratton Motel. Oops.

My last big mountain of Maine before Katahdin (18 miles over treeline) was supposed to be tomorrow, but there is a 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms. With the gentle convincing of Trout, the owner of the local motel and a former thruhiker himself, I decided to wait the weather out in town where there are hiker-sized breakfasts. However, before I got to town, I passed a huge NOBO milestone-2000 miles! My own 1000 mile marker is just 1.25 days away.But back to Stratton…staying in town today has allowed several of my friends to catch up and new ones to roll in as well. We had a great time watching the muddy mess our clothes made in the washer and making a hiker playlist at the local grill.My Katahdin summit date is pretty well set at this point, which means I’ll have to make up the miles that I’m missing today and tomorrow soon. However, I know I’m strong and the terrain is a piece of cake after the Bigelows.

From my motel paradise that will serve as a storm shelter tomorrow, I bid thee goodnight.

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  1. I’m enjoying reading your blog. I’ve applied for the 2019 AT chaplain position. Praying for you.

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