Day #61-One two-sided day; Miles hiked: 9.7

Today had a very rough start with an incredibly happy ending! The rain continued through the night and into the morning. But today, we had to move on and venture through Mahoosuc Notch–the hardest or “most fun” mile of the AT. This mile-long boulder scramble would indeed be fun if it wasn’t soaking wet and raining. However, the show must go on!Since I’ve done it before, I was able to keep spirits high and offer some alternative routes as we played “hiker playground” for almost two hours.The rain continued and the temps dropped as we climbed up the incredibly steep Mahoosuc Arm after the Notch…1500 ft in 1 mile.

At lunchtime, 8 other hikers rolled into a shelter and we collectively decided we needed something positive to happen. A few days ago, Ms. Janet (one of the AT’s most famous trail angels) told me to text her at the shelter with an eta into the next road. I did just that, and the day turned around!

On the walk down to the Grafton Notch, the sun started coming out and we had a hiker trash “yard sale” in the parking lot to try and dry out our things.Ms. Janet rolled in with her van and whisked us away to “Grafton Notch Popup Hostel,” a local vacation home of a former thru hiker. Showers and laundry were a great surprise!Dinner was at the local brew pub where we enjoyed hearing the locals jam to karaoke. My Father sure does know how to lift his kids’ spirits and I’m so thankful I get to share that with the hikers around me.