Day 1-Hello AT; Miles hiked: 10.1

Today I enjoyed a waffle breakfast with my new hiking buddies at Teahorse before heading off to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (main admin office for the trail), a huge milestone for thru-hikers.

At the ATC, I checked in, bought my AT passport to stamp at hostels along the way, and had my picture taken for the official AT record book. I am the 207th flip-flopper to pass through the ATC this year!

After the ATC and one last water stop, it was off to take my first steps on the trail. Another hiker and I crossed the Potomac together and entered the state of Maryland. After lunch I met several more thru hikers and section hikers alike-and this nifty looking bug!The last attraction of the day was one of Maryland’s many historic monuments-Gathland State Park where I met even more hikers. Well…it’s almost “hiker midnight,” more adventures tomorrow!