Day #82-Going packless in Harpers; Miles hiked: 20.1

My backpack was still not recovered when I woke up this morning. It was pouring down rain, windy, and 50 degrees outside. Somehow, I still found a way to hike.

According to the ATC, the biggest SOBO bubble they’ve seen passed through in the past few days and I want every opportunity to meet all of those folks…meaning I need to start hiking.

The incredibly kind couple (former thru hikers) that have let me stay in their home while I wait on my pack offered to help me “slack pack,” or hike from a nearby road crossing back to Harpers Ferry with only a daypack. Tumbalina even offered me her warm clothes and rain gear given all I have are the clothes on my back!

Nonetheless, I hiked 20 miles NOBO, passed in and out of 2 states, and didn’t hardly see a soul because the weather was so fowl.I couldn’t have been happier to get back to Tumbalina’s house where the other hikers here had dinner waiting. Tonight I’m dry, but the next week is looking rather wet. Hopefully I will be reunited with my pack in the morning!

Update: I have a backpack!

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