Day #71-Over the river and back into the woods; Miles hiked: 19.7

Today, I crossed a major milestone on the AT–crossing the Kennebec River. It is a very wide river with a dam upstream, making fording it very dangerous. To keep hikers safe, the ATC sponsors a ferry service to canoe hikers across the river and keep us from having to ford. The ferry service only runs for a few hours each day, so I had to bust out 14 miles by noon. The outcome? Mission accomplished!Also check out West Carry Pond that I passed this morning. If anyone would like a history lesson, look up how it was used in an early war against Quebec.After my big mile morning, I was ready for a lazy afternoon. I hung out at a hostel just across the river called the Caratunk House where I feasted on homemade pulled pork and milkshakes.Goodnight from the other side of the Kennebec!