Day #99-Knobs and mashed potatoes and bonfires; Miles hiked: 10.4

Today was supposed to be another 20. It didn’t become one, but it was definitely a blast! This morning, Spork and I set out for a sunrise at McAfee Knob-the most photographed spot on the AT.We were hoping the fog would clear off, but it didn’t…so we took naps on the rock instead. After the knob, we went down to an AT classic–The Homeplace. It’s an all you can eat southern gem.

I also got the privilege of hanging out with Pastor Scott of Catawba UMC. Thanks for the ride and the tour of town! After the Homeplace, all I could manage was 6 more miles to Four Pines Hostel. They even let me borrow their van for a snack run. It’s even blue!

Day #98-Life in a day; Miles hiked: 26.6

Today seemed to include a little bit of every bit of life on the trail. I woke up early, forded a creek in the dark, and hiked into the sunrise.

At mile 11, about 5 other hikers and I made a quick stop in Daleville to resupply, eat 2,000 calories worth of Wendy’s, and charge our devices.

From there, we were nowhere near done hiking and continued on towards the most famous section of the trail in Virginia. Check out this lake we passed along the way: The highlight of the day was cooking dinner on Tinker Cliffs…pictures really can’t do it justice.