Day #131-Goodbye Smokies; Miles hiked: 24.1

After saying goodbye to Wildcat and his entourage (he brought us plenty of friends), we had our work cut out for us to get out of the park. With bad storms rolling in and the wind raging, off we went!

Before the rain started coming down in sheets, I passed a very special place to us Tennesseans: Rocky Top! Even though the wind was strong enough to push me around, I did get out one chorus of our UT fight song. Go vols!At the end of a soggy, windy day, I crossed out of the Smokies and over Fontana Dam.Tonight the newly formed tramily (now called either the SOBO Snowball or the Blueberry Patch Kids) and I are staying at the “Fontana Hilton,” one of the nicest shelters on the AT. We even have access to a bath house with running water!

Goodnight from the other side of the Smokies.

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