Day #106-On the road again; Miles hiked: 8.9

My mom and I pulled out of the garage in Knoxville at 4:45 am this morning. A little over three hours later, I had the special treat of sitting at Alan and Mary Ashworth’s breakfast table.

For those of you who have enjoyed this same privilege, you know it’s wonderful! For those of you who haven’t yet, these people make their own apple butter, maple syrup, jelly, molasses, and more! Between the food and the company, it was a wonderful blessing to me!

I didn’t capture any pictures today, but I got the chance to speak at both Pine Grove and New Hope UMC-the very places where this whole ministry started. Mrs. Anderson, I also cranked out a few hymns on their piano!

During the afternoon I got to slackpack a few miles of trail in Bland County before a great dinner and special viewing of one of my favorite movies: October Sky.

Although my eyes are tired, it was a wonderful day to be a trail chaplain.

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