Day #102-Oh the things that entertain thru hikers; Miles hiked: 20.9

Today started with a delicious breakfast with the Pearisburg UMC men’s prayer group. My companions and I truly appreciate the hospitality and I especially enjoy getting to meet members of the conference that has sent me on this pilgrimage.

Right after breakfast it was off to the trail to shake things up. Per my request, we did our slackpack headed northbound instead of southbound. Why, you ask? To both trick and bless all of my friends!

On the way out of town, I picked up some Gatorade and fresh fruit to pass out to the 8 or so hikers I knew were behind me. However, they only received their treats after BamBam, Ollie, and I convinced them all they were headed the wrong direction on the trail. What fun!We also passed a unique treat on trail-an apple orchard. All three of us were sure to stuff our faces with nature’s candy.On our northbound hike, we invited all the hikers behind us to a small feast at Pastor Brian’s house. I even got a surprise birthday cake from the Queen of Dairy (also known as DQ).I couldn’t be happier to be home in Holston!

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