Day #100-Sharp teeth and milestones; Miles hiked: 16.4

Today, the boys and I left Four Pines Hostel and headed up to the third and final feature of Virginia’s “Triple Crown,” Dragon’s Tooth. It’s a huge stone monolith that looks like well, a dragon’s tooth. Check out the size of this thing compared to me!The majority of my day was spent hoping and praying I didn’t step on a yellow jacket nest. It’s their most aggressive time of year right now and I’ve passed three in the middle of the trail so far. Thankfully, so far so good with spotting the cloud of bees and going around their home.

In addition to befriending a new thru hiker, Pocket, this afternoon brought a huge milestone-mile 1500!!!

I know that every day on trail is forward progress, but this one has a special significance as it means I have just over a quarter of the trail left.My heart is nowhere near ready to quit, but my legs are looking forward to Springer a bit more. We’ll be there soon enough!

BamBam and I decided to celebrate 1500 by stopping short of our goal today in hopes of a big day tomorrow.

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