Day #73-Last of the luxury; Miles hiked: 9.0

Today was a short walk into Monson, ME–the last town before the famed “100 Mile Wilderness.” But what is a walk to town without a nice river ford?Upon arrival in Monson, I hitch hiked with a sous chef on vacation, ate BBQ (it was actually pretty good considering how far we are from the South), and checked into Shaw’s Hiker Hostel.Shaw’s is a famous spot on the AT-one of the longest running hostels on the trail. It was here that my friend Swimmer and I devoured a 2 pint container of Maine Wild Blueberry ice cream. I have decided my full trail name must be Maine Wild Blueberry!Tomorrow me and all of these fellows head into the 100 mile wilderness-the most remote part of the AT and the last stretch between here and Mt. Katahdin.See you in Baxter!