Day #51-Moosing around on Moosilauke; Miles hiked: 8.0

Today was the official beginning of my journey through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Yesterday’s rain was still hanging on, so I spent the morning lingering at Hikers Welcome while it finished raining.Around lunchtime, Hard Hat and I started up the first climb of the Whites-a healthy 3800 ft climb in about 3 miles. While the rain had mainly stopped, it was still pretty cloudy. Amazingly, right as we summited, it cleared off for a few minutes and we got good views! These two pictures were taken about 1 minute apart to show how quickly things change up here:This is my obligatory summit picture:After hanging out for a little bit (it was cold!), we ventured on down to a shelter and called it a night early with a great view of the peaks to come.

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