Day #48-A Dartmouth day; Miles hiked: 9.6

Today was a short walk out of Vermont and and a feeding frenzy at Dartmouth. We took a slow morning at the Hart’s place, the trail angels who graciously hosted us in their yard last night. She even made us breakfast!Not even 10 miles later, we crossed the border and entered the great state of New Hampshire-famous for the hardest and most beautiful stretch of mountains on the whole trail.But first, it was time to experience Hanover like a college student! I was blessed by another UMC connection that led to an all you can eat buffet at the Dartmouth dining hall. I just graduated a few months ago, and had an absolute blast destroying a dining hall with zero inhibitions this time. Thank you to Don for the meal and the company! This afternoon we resupplied and explored Hanover. Jack has also scored some unique housing-the couch at his old fraternity house. With that, I bid thee goodnight from academia.

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