Day #108-All of God’s creatures say amen; Miles hiked: 24.1

Today I interacted with almost every creature I can think of!

It was another solo day, so I was glad that the Lord let his creatures keep me company.

At the bottom of a beautiful grassy ridge, I saw my 5th black bear of the trip. I came down to a stream to get water, but he had beat me to it. We looked at each other, and then he bolted up a tree. I rest assured him I wasn’t going to hunt him and went on my way.

A few deer and chipmunks and squirrels later, I passed a less common AT species: cows. The trail went right through several pastures!After crossing I-81 for what I believe is the last time, I arrived at my destination for the day: the Long Neck Lair.

The LNL is an alpaca farm right of the interstate that lets hikers camp with the fuzzy guys for 10 bucks. I had a great time helping the owners of the farm feed their baby alpacas. What a treat for the end of a long day!Oh, and although I didn’t grab a pic, I got more UMC trail magic today! Valerie and little Joseph of Alan’s congregation brought me lunch right to the trail. Thank you very much!!

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