Day #86-Flo says you can run but you can’t hide; Miles hiked: 24.8

I woke up around 4 am to the sound of the first hurricane bands rolling in. By 6, it was time to face the elements and get rolling.

Let me tell you, hiking in a hurricane (especially the one I just spent 4 days and almost 1000 miles of travel trying to outrun) is quite an experience.

It was pouring rain and the wind was raging. I’ve never seen trees get whipped around like they were. The extra exciting part was not seeing another living soul for 25 miles. I was pretty convinced that the rapture had occurred and I had been left behind. Skyline drive and the waysides (much to my chagrin) were all shut down for weather so the park was a ghost town.

Nonetheless, around mile 23 the sun came out and I heard the familiar hum of traffic again-town!

Tonight I’m treating myself to a stay at Open Arms hostel where I’m safe from my friend Flo the hurricane. Back at it tomorrow!

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