Day #60-The Maine event; Miles hiked: 14.5

Southern Maine is kicking our butts, but we have arrived! The fog is still resting in the Mahoosuc Mountains…especially around water like this pond.However, after a really steep climb up to Mt. Success (the last mountain of New Hampshire), the fog broke and gave me and my new friend Grey Squirrel a nice view.Poor Grey Squirrel fell in the shower a few days ago and is having a hard time-please pray for his speedy recovery! It’s town that’s dangerous for us wilderness dwellers…

And finally, the Maine event-we crossed the border!!!I sat for a few hours by this sign to congratulate NOBOs crossing into their last state and offer a space to talk about what the trail has given them and what they still need from their journey. Only 270ish miles to the finish line. More Maine adventures tomorrow!

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