Day #47-Farmland rollercoaster; Miles hiked: 19.8

Wow, today was a roller coaster! We didn’t get to camp until almost 11 pm last night because we got distracted by the Inn, but this morning the views at our campsite were amazing! We stayed at a private cabin that is open to thru hikers with a ladder to a viewing platform on top. I slept on the porch to not make too much noise when we came in and watched the sunrise this morning.The hiking today was deceivingly challenging with a roller coaster worth of abrupt ups and downs. This was kind of rough on both body and spirit, but there were plenty of wildflowers to see in the fields.I ate my body weight in both raspberries and blackberries!

The final excitement of the day was “the back porch.” A couple that hiked the trail in 2016 has converted their porch into a hiker haven with homemade ice cream sandwiches for sale. What a treat!Tonight we’re crashing in a lady’s back yard who also cares for hikers. New Hampshire tomorrow!

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